July 4 Parade – Participant Staging

Get your Staging Area Map
Parade Staging Map
Staging Area Opens: Saturday, July 4, 10:30am
Staging must be Complete: 12:00 Noon

Detailed Staging Map – Coming Soon

Accepted Participants – please refer to the listings below to find your parade staging location. The staging area is divided into lettered zones, A through L. Within your zone you will find a cone marking your place.

Upon arrival at the staging area, your registered Group Representative must visit the Registration Table to sign in.

The rest of your party should proceed to your staging zone.

You Must Bring to the Registration Table:

A COPY of the insurance document for any vehicle that you will be operating during the parade. We will be putting this COPY on file for the city police department to ensure all vehicles are legally operated on the city streets.

The following Release of Liability and Waiver document, signed and dated (before coming to the table, please). Download and print the document here:

Adobe PDF Format | Word Format | HTML Format

Please read this important message before scrolling down to get your staging information:

Greetings, and a wish for a glorious parade day. We are always very happy to have you join us with your awe inspiring representation of those values which mean so much to our republic.

We all recognize the changing winds of politics have many times altered the purity of intent. In this celebration, we must avoid and do avoid that kind of political debate. Many within our support group participate in the political process and the debate of the times. But not on the occasion celebrating America’s birthday.

Therefore, I would ask you refrain from demonstrating on such issues as are considered to be controversial. The parade logistics co-coordinator is responsible for keeping us above the political fray.

I would ask you respect his decision making capacity. It is not always an easy task, let there be no confusion in this or these matters. All participants are asked to co-operate with us! And specifically with the parade logistics co-coordinator.

Any confrontation by or between participants will be grounds for exclusion from this memorable day. Let us enjoy the day with festivities and a sense of kinship.

See you at the parade!
Paul Lamberton, President

Parade Staging Map

Staging Area Assignments